Beer Gig

Portable Beer on Tap Wherever You Go

  • Beer Gig Portable Kegerator on Patio at Lake

  • Showing Off Beer Gig Portable Kegerator Multi-Beverage Capabilities

Got a Gig?  

We are custom fabricators of high quality, portable beer kegerators and multi-beverage kegerator units.  This includes both custom and turnkey products – serving beer (of course), wine, liqueur, liquor, mixed drinks and even non-alcoholic drinks.  

Whether you are a company wanting something truly unique and stunning to evangelize your brand and stick out from the competition, or individual who wants something durable to take to the next tailgate party, wedding, family reunion or outdoor adventure, we got you covered!  Please contact us directly for custom projects or call 844-GOT-A-GIG.  Our turn-key systems can be ordered directly through our online store.

The New Beer Gig “Sport”!

Our latest portable beer offering in a ready-to-go, turn-key package.  The Beer Gig Sport is a fully portable, multi-beverage unit that holds up to 3 gallons, dual taps and regulators. It can also use CO2 gas for beer and/or Argon for wine, liqueur and liquor.  An optional automatic lift attachment is also available to raise the unit up to proper serving height via foot pedal.  Click here to check out all the features.

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