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Making Beer on Draft Easy

Beers on Tap at Growler Fill Station
Plenty of Beers on Tap at a Local Growler Fill Station

For those of us that go out of your way to find that perfect beer on draft, I have some good news to make life even easier!  Technology comes to the rescue yet again  that makes finding your next growler fill a “walk in the pub”.  Whether you are a growler veteran already “in the know” of the best places or just getting started with your first growler fill, this app can make your “growler prowling” much more convenient.

Enter “Digital Pour” (, it allows you to find growler fill locations based on your current location or even by the type of beer you are looking for.  In addition, you get immediate access to pricing and in some cases, how much inventory is left.  For each beer (a lot of places even have wine on draft too), you can see the name, type/style, IBU and ABV.  How’s that for making things easy!  It’s available for iOS and Android and no account registration required.

DigitalPour Growler Fill Mobile App
DigitalPour Growler Fill Mobile App

If you haven’t started using this app already, you will not be able to imagine your growler life without it!

Click one of the links below to install directly your mobile phone.



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