For the Love of Cold Beer on Tap

Welcome to Beer Gig, home of the world’s first self-lifting portable kegerator.

We have a long tenure in building fabricating custom stand-alone and built-in beverage draft systems.  Over the years we enjoyed our home brew and would take great pride in the recipe development in order to continually “one up” our brew batch after batch.  Our local home brew gathered a cult following among friends and we quickly realized there was no good way to deliver an adequate amount of beer on tap to the latest get together – they either used 1/6 kegs (5 gallons) which was too large, or used 64oz glass growlers that was not even worth the trouble.

That was 3 years ago when we realized transporting our home brew using glass growlers simply wasn’t cutting it. The beer goes flat within hours and umm well, they break – not to mention 64 ounces doesn’t go very far among a few friends. So, we realized there must be a better way to transport beer on tap, keep it cold and portable. We searched for existing products that might do the job, however, we only found a few that either catered to glass growlers or the larger 5 gallon kegs – neither suited out needs. After the realization set in that what we were looking for simply did not exist, we set out to build our own. We used our experience in building full size, custom built-to-order keezers, engineering background and of course our years of brewing beer to come up with something that truly solved the problem.

Fast forward 3 years and several prototypes later, the Beer Gig was born!

The Beer Gig truly has it all – ability to keep beer ice cold, utilize (up to three) one gallon stainless steel keg growlers, super portable and visually stunning to look at! In fact, over the past 3 years of development had a few extra features that really make the Beer Gig something special. Something that could be used for tailgating, boating, the beach, lake, Super Bowl watch party, wedding reception or family reunion and then serve its “day job” in your man cave.