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Gig Juice: The Freedom of Portability

Powered By Gig Juice - Gig Juice Portable Battery Pack Powering the Beer Gig Portable Kegerator, String Lights, Speakers and Charging Phone!

Gig Juice in action – powering the string lights, bluetooth speaker, charging a phone and the Beer Gig of course!


I have to admit, I never thought the Gig Juice portable power unit would have made the impact it has.  With the ability to power the Beer Gig for up to 7 hours, at the same time provide 800 Watts to power your AC devices and two high capacity USB charging ports to boot, “freedom” is an understatement.

Even though the Beer Gig has always been a self-refrigerated unit, the ability to keep it going while in transport or literally in the middle of nowhere has certainly opened up new doors for our customers (and us!).  In fact, we have sold Gig Juice units to customers that do not even own a Beer Gig!  Which shows the clear practical benefit this device offers.  The uses are almost endless – powering lights and speakers on camping trips, keeping things “chill” on the fishing trip or even making sure the Beer Gig is ready to serve when you arrive at the next tailgating party!  For me, it’s even more simple – having it stay cold for my trips to the local BYOB Italian restaurant is more than enough to keep me happy!

When the party is over, the built-in charger gets the sealed AGM battery back to 100% charge in under 4 hours – not too shabby.  Stay tuned as we also have quite a few new things coming your way very soon.  A model with a built-in charge controller that allows input from almost any DC power source including solar panels.  That will truly not only get you off the grid, but keep you “off-grid” for quite some time!