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Portable Beer on Tap wherever you go!  These units are packed with features, and can serve multiple beverages – Beer on one tap, Fireball, Jack and Coke, Margaritas or Wine in the other!  Fabricated with all Aluminum Tig welded construction, powder coated paint and bedliner for ruggedness and absolutely stunning to look at.

Number of 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Keg Growlers *

Perfect for Beer, Wine and Mixed Drinks.

Number of 1/2 Gallon Stainless Steel Keg Growlers *

These 1/2 gallon Keg Growlers are perfect for Liqueur and Liquor.

Tap Handles *

Gig Lift *

Allows the Beer Gig to raise up to proper serving height with ease and huge WOW factor! Click here for details.

Gig Juice Portable Power *

Portable power on the go for up to 7 hours – click here for details.



The world’s first self-lifting portable draft beer machine.  This new turn-key offering is based on our similar custom made-to-order units.  In order to meet demand, we are now offering a configurable unit that includes all the popular and high quality features.  These beautifully designed portable units are perfect for your next outing – tailgating, boating, the beach, lake, Super Bowl watch party, wedding reception or family reunion and then serve its “day job” in your man cave.

Here is the full list of features:

  • Keep Beer fresh:  Keep beer cold, out of direct sunlight and under CO2.
  • Multi-Beverage:  In addition to beer, can also use Argon gas cartridges to serve Liqueur, Wine or Mixed Drinks.  In fact, it can also serve any soda and wide variety of other non-alcoholic beverages.  Dual regulators provide the ability to serve both beer on CO2 and Wine, Liqueur, Mixed Drinks and Margaritas on Argon at the same time!  A Nitrogen regulator upgrade is also available.
  • Keep it cold:  Compressor-driven refrigeration capable of maintaining wide range of serving temperatures:  maintain a steady 35 – 55 degrees for beer and then crank it down to 20 degrees for your Jäger shots!  Would love to see the chintzy thermo-electric countertop devices do that!
  • Be portable (obviously):  All aluminum construction keeps it light and strong.  Foldable tap tower and built-in Roll Cage with large pneumatic wheels make it easy to move out and about.  The stainless steel keg growlers hold up to 3 gallons of beer at a time without the weight of full-size kegs and risk of fragile glass growlers breaking.  This keeps the weight similar (or less) to a loaded cooler with ice…but since it’s on wheels and can lift itself, you don’t need your buddy to move it around!
  • Built-In LED Lighting:  Keep the party going well after sundown with the built-in LED lighting system.  Use the remote control to set your favorite color or alternate colors to really grab attention.
  • Easy to Use:  Stainless steel growlers can be filled anywhere growlers are normally filled – pubs, breweries, liquor stores and some grocery stores.  Quick connect ball-lock fittings allow a growler to be connected in under 10 seconds. Gas cartridges use industry standard screw fittings which make cartridge changes a breeze.
  • Rugged, yet damn good looking:  Oversize wheels for easy maneuverability over rough terrain, powder coated Roll Cage™ provides an exoskeleton for protection. Also available truly one of a kind **billet Aluminum tap handles – polished for a beautiful, unique finish.  The patent pending, all aluminum light weight frame allows easy maneuverability and looks absolutely stunning!
  • No compromise on quality:  Use high quality parts throughout:  all stainless steel Perlick faucets, keg caps and fittings and high quality beer line – no cheap chrome-plated parts to degrade and cause off-flavors.  Beer Gigs are designed and assembled in USA using domestic and global parts.
  • Gig Lift™ (**Optional):  Utilize a built-in lift system capable of lifting the Beer Gig to proper serving height automatically.  Wheel it in place, tap the foot switch and watch it lift up quickly and smoothly to serving height. This is just plain cool.
  • Gig Juice™ (**Optional):  Portable power on the go.  Self-contained battery power system to power Beer Gig and accessories for up to 6-7 hours!  Built-In AC outlet + Two USB Ports allow you to power other devices (such as lights, radio, etc.) and charge your phone at the same time!  

** Indicates a configurable option

Current Delivery Time:  Approximately 3 Weeks – Updated Week of 9/3/2018

Need a custom color or design?  Call us @ 844-GOT-A-GIG.

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Weight 75 lbs


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