Gig Juice


Upgrade your Beer Gig with portable power on the go.  Check out these awesome features:

  • Self-contained battery power system to power Beer Gig and accessories for up to 7 hours!  
  • Built-In AC outlets (two) that provides up to 800 Watts to power your devices – lights, radio, speakers and pretty much whatever else
  • Two High Output 3.6 Amp USB Ports to get your phone charged in no time!
  • Built-In battery charger gets the internal sealed AGM battery charged in about 4 hours.  
  • The Beer Gig continues to run as it charges.  
  • Gig Juice is 100% compatible with the Beer Gig modular, plug and play design.
  • Locks in place to the Beer Gig Roll Cage – total installation time less than one minute!

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs


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