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How Long Will Beverages Stay Fresh In The Stainless Steel Keg Growlers?

This will vary depending on the particular type of beverage being served.  Here are the general guidelines:

  • Beer
    • 1 – 2 Months (some pasteurized beers will last twice as long)
    • Will vary somewhat by particular style of beer
    • Assuming its kept under CO2 at proper pressure and temperature
  • Wine
    • 2 – 3 weeks
    • Assuming its poured fresh out of the original, just opened container and kept at proper pressure on Argon gas
  • Liquor and Most Liqueurs
    • A really long time – again, assuming use of Argon gas, proper pressure and temperature are maintained

Probably worth a mention – even as the Wine aficionados turn up their nose at the thought of drinking “Wine on Tap”, but keeping Wine on Argon gas will significantly increase the shelf life vs. a day or two (if your lucky) from an opened bottle.

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