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What Beverages Can Be Served With The Beer Gig?

The Beer Gig can serve the following beverages (also showing recommended serving gas):

  • Beer (CO2 – Nitrogen compatible regulator is also available)
  • Wine (Argon)
  • Liquor (Argon)
    • Add some ice and you got Jack on the rocks on tap!
  • Liqueur (Argon)
    • This includes Fireball, Tuaca, Amaretto
    • Can even chill down to 10ºF for Jägermeister shots!
  • Mixed Drinks (Argon or CO2)
    • Margaritas
    • Daiquiris
    • Jack and Coke
    • Old Fashioned
    • Negroni
    • Mojito
    • …and at least 10,000 others!
  • Non-Alcoholic (CO2)
    • Sodas
    • Root Beer
    • Lemonade
    • Shirley Temple
    • Water

A few rules of thumb to consider:  CO2 will mix with the beverage and either maintain existing carbonation (as in the case of beer) or slowly carbonate the beverage over some extended period of time.  Argon gas is inert and will not mix or impart any flavor into the serving beverage.  This makes Argon perfect for Wine, Liquor and other beverages that would otherwise be negatively affected by CO2.

Also keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to use CO2 to drive just about any beverage in a pinch.  So long as the beverage is readily consumed, the CO2 will simply not have time to adequately mix into solution….With that being said, most of us also believe that Wine out of a box tastes just fine!  To put another way, if the Wine costs over $10/bottle better make sure its on Argon!

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